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Try our NEWEST Supplement IdealImmunity for Immune System Support this winter!


We've created a wide variety of weight loss supplements to help you reach your weight loss goals. When it comes to weight loss, we know that you want the weight gone as soon as possible. Soon is not soon enough! But at IdealShape we also know what it takes to maximize your weight loss and we've made weight loss supplements that will help you do just that. Check out our selection.

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IdealBlock 2 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$105.98
Your Price CA$99.99 CA$105.98
Save: CA$5.99

IdealGreens Superfood Blend 2 Tubs

Retail Price: CA$69.98
Your Price CA$64.99 CA$69.98
Save: CA$4.99

IdealVitamin 2 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$39.98
Your Price CA$30.99 CA$39.98
Save: CA$8.99

IdealCollagen 2 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$51.98
Your Price CA$49.99 CA$51.98
Save: CA$1.99

IdealBlock 4 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$211.96
Your Price CA$189.99 CA$211.96
Save: CA$21.97

IdealGreens Superfood Blend 4 Tubs

Retail Price: CA$139.96
Your Price CA$109.99 CA$139.96
Save: CA$29.97

IdealVitamin 4 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$79.96
Your Price CA$62.99 CA$79.96
Save: CA$16.97

IdealCollagen 4 Bottles

Retail Price: CA$103.96
Your Price CA$94.99 CA$103.96
Save: CA$8.97

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