You are reading this because you want to lose weight. Plus you want fast, dynamic results and quite honestly I am here to make sure you get them.  

There’s a 96 percent chance this is not your first attempt at losing weight. In fact, if this isn’t your first time trying to lose weight, then there’s a over a 90 percent chance that you have tried losing weight over 3 times.

THIS time is YOUR time. This is the last time you will attempt to lose weight, because this time you will achieve “your” ideal shape. I am going to teach you precisely what to do and this time it’s going to happen. You will reach your goal. You will lose weight, have a ton of energy, and feel confident.

Welcome to the IdealPlan. I am Kami Price, certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and head trainer here at IdealShape. I have owned one of the top private training studios in Utah for 10 years now. 

There’s something I want you to know up front—I am passionate about helping people transform their bodies and their lives, and that is what I am going to help you do. I am now YOUR personal trainer, and I am going to guide you, motivate you, and be with you every step of the way.  

I have dedicated my life to weight loss, health, and fitness because I know how much it can improve and completely elevate life in every way! 

I have worked with thousands of people online and in person. I know the challenges when it comes to weight loss and I know the best ways to overcome them!

My passion comes from understanding that health and fitness are about so much more than just weight loss. It’s about being able to live the life you’ve always wanted—a life without limits. That’s what I am interested in and what I am going to help you create. I want to help you lose weight, not just for the weight loss, but for what that weight loss WILL DO FOR YOU!  

The IdealPlan eBook is your complete weight loss transformation guide. This is more than just an eBook.

- I am not going to throw at you everything you need to succeed all at once. Instead I’ll teach you small simple changes, step by step, that are extremely effective. 

- I’ll take all of the guesswork of weight loss out so you know exactly what to do to reach your ideal shape faster. 

- You’ll find everything you need in the IdealPlan eBook, including detailed and delicious meal plans, workouts, plus my philosophy to make it all come together.

Get the IdealPlan eBook

With the IdealPlan eBook You Will:

Find your WHY and kindle your motivation.

When it comes to weight loss, the main difference between those who don’t reach their goals and those who successfully do isn’t in their ability, but in their MOTIVATION.

I call this motivation for losing weight your WHY. 

Once you have your WHY, there really is nothing holding you back. 

Your answer is what will continue to motivate you when nothing else has the power to get you back on the treadmill or pull you right out of a fast food drive-thru line. There are so many important reasons to lose weight—both mental and physical—but your reason has to be personal. 

Knowing your why works and I’m not the only living proof of it. IdealShape has helped thousands of people just like you find their “REAL” WHY and enjoy remarkable weight loss.

Learn how to crush hunger and reduce those pesky cravings that ALWAYS get in the way when it comes to weight loss.

Research indicates that the #1 overwhelming reason people don’t lose weight is HUNGER.

If you can’t control your hunger, you won’t lose weight. 

I explain how five meals each day is the best for weight loss, plus how the IdealShake meal replacement and IdealBar snack bars work in our plan and how they effectively block hunger for up to three hours. 

Easy to follow meal plans with delicious recipes. 

I know you’re busy. I also know that you, like me, want to enjoy delicious foods. That’s why I created our yummy but effective meal plans that have all the calories and macros calculated for you! 

You’ll feel full and satisfied, and you’ll see results with our easy-to-follow meal plans. All the hard work here is done for you already and you won’t be charged a fortune. (Unlike other meal plans out there.)

Learn how to plan out your meals to save time and money. 

Over time I have become an expert at planning meals and preparing them in advance. It saves me tons of time and stress and makes eating healthy SO much easier.

I am going to pass along everything I've learned over the years and along with your commitment, you're going to be a professional in planning and preparing meals. 

And of course some of your meals are going to be our quick and delicious meal replacement shakes making it easier than ever to lose weight while still enjoying yummy food. 

Discover workout tips and a plan to get moving.

Struggling to begin a workout program? Not sure where to start? Confused with all the exercise advice out there? Wondering if you really need to exercise to lose weight? 

To lose weight and get fit, you don’t have to live at the gym or become a bodybuilder or a fitness extremist. But you do need to start moving and exercising more.

I know how complicated it can be so I simplified my approach to fitness and answered the biggest questions surrounding exercise and weight loss so you can finally get started. 

I am going to start with exercising for 20 minutes, 3 times a week to get you going and then take it from there! 

Learn why having support from others is critical.

People who engage in support groups as part of a comprehensive weight loss program lose more weight than those who do so alone. 

It’s really not that surprising considering how difficult it can be to stay motivated enough to keep doing it, day in and day out by yourself. Having someone there to constantly uplift you and motivate you works! That’s why we want you to Buddy-Up! 

One of the great aspects of this program is the free private groups you can join on Facebook, where you can engage and receive motivation from thousands of people that are on the same journey as you; in the process you’re going to make a ton of new friends who all support you!

How to find balance and sustainability with a healthy lifestyle.

Moderation is at the core of our whole philosophy. All of us need moderation!

We’ll teach you our philosophy that life isn’t about an “all or nothing” approach to food or exercise. It’s important to find balance.  

Sustainability is the key. Always!

BONUS! We’ll reward you for your weight loss. 

Yes you read right, I am going to reward you for your weight loss! I have created a dynamic achievement program that helps keep you motivated and rewards you for your weight loss. 

I know how important rewards are when it comes to weight loss, that’s why I wanted to create a way to not only motivate you with your weight loss goals, but reward you for it!

Get the IdealPlan eBook

It’s Time to Lose The Weight For Good

Now is the time to change your appetite and reach your weight loss goals. For good this time!

With the IdealPlan you’ll get everything you need to finally lose the weight and keep it off. You’ll create new and healthy habits and feel amazing!

Just look at who’s loving the IdealPlan!

Purchase and download the IdealPlan eBook today!

Sarah's Story

Sarah lost 100 pounds with the IdealPlan and IdealShape products! The road to weight loss wasn’t easy, though. As a baker and cake designer, Sarah is literally surrounded by temptation every day! She was also able to use her skills as a baker to concoct healthy gourmet smoothie recipes of her own like sugar cookie and s’mores.

Kelly's Story

Kelly had been overweight all her life and stayed hidden on the sidelines. Her transformation began with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. She started trading large, southern-style breakfasts for an IdealShake for appetite control. In less than two years, Kelly has lost 188 pounds and is fully participating in life!

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