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30 Day IdealPlan

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The Classic 30-Day IdealPlan Nutrition Package!

So many weight loss diets and plans change with the wind. They are constantly being revamped, reworked, re-marketed, and reintroduced to fit the popular trends of the times, promising incredible results like smaller waistlines and flatter stomachs. A lot of these diets disappear just as quickly as they come, leaving people disappointed, without results, and with empty pockets. 

This is not the case with IdealShape. This is exactly why IdealShape created the 30-Day IdealPlan 6 years ago. The 30-Day IdealPlan has withstood the test of time. Nothing's changed with our IdealPlan package, because guess what? It was carefully and strategically put together from the beginning... and it works. We've designed the perfect formula to help you reduce calories, change your appetite, and shed unwanted fat.

Best of all, it's simple. You won't have to worry about what to eat or need to fuss about planning ahead. You'll feel clear about your goals and confident in your ability to achieve them every day. And because IdealShakes and IdealBars are so delicious, you'l enjoy making them a part of your lifestyle!

The 30-Day package includes everything you need for 1 month to get you on track losing weight:

  • 1 IdealPlan Nutrition Guide Download
  • 1 IdealShape Smoothie Recipe Volume 2 eBook
  • 2 Tubs of IdealShake mix (30 servings per tub)
  • 4 Boxes of IdealBars (7 servings per box)
  • 1 Shaker Bottle

"IdealPlan Nutrition Guide" Download - Your Complete Fat Loss Meal Plan!

Discover the philosophy behind IdealShape’s products in a complete guide to fat loss nutrition. Created by IdealShape cofounder David Meine and nutritionist Lindsey Mathews, this is a complete plan for accelerated, sustainable results. The secret is in enjoying the right fat-blasting foods throughout the day. IdealShakes and IdealBars are an essential part of the plan, and we'll show you how to incorporate them for dramatic results!

IdealShape Smoothie Recipe Volume 2 (eBook)

Weight loss has never tasted so delicious! With this tasty Smoothie Recipe eBook, you'll get 51 mouth-watering recipes made with our hunger-blocking IdealShake, so you can treat your taste buds and slim down at the same time. 

From sweet to savory, the Smoothie Recipe eBook has a variety of yummy meals to satisfy your cravings and jumpstart your weight loss goals.

IdealShake® Meal Replacement Shake

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to reduce your calorie consumption by replacing a meal that would normally be 600 calories or more with a simple 100-110 calorie shake. It's delicious on its own and also makes a great base for smoothies while still keeping your meal under 300 calories! In addition to providing a great source of protein and essential nutrients, IdealShake harnesses the power of a special ingredient: Slendesta®, an all-natural potato protein extract that controls appetite and cravings for up to three hours. Enjoy a shake for breakfast, for lunch, after a workout, or when you want to enjoy something sweet!

Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mocha, Orange Cream, Chocolate Cream Pie, Cookies 'N Cream, and Salted Caramel!

IdealBar® Snack Bar

People are always asking us what to eat for healthy snacks, so we created IdealBar, a high-protein low-calorie snack bar that you can always have on hand. With 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 20% of your Recommended Daily Intake in 22 vitamins and minerals, this bar has the nutrients your body needs to be energized through the day. All of this with only 7 grams of sugar and 140 calories. IdealBar contains the same all-natural hunger blocker in IdealShake and IdealBoost, so this snack has an added benefit: it will keep you full for up to three hours, helping you kick those cravings for other, less healthy snacks between meals.

Available in Double Chocolate, Cinnamon Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Honey Roasted Almond, and S'mores.

Unlike other weight loss plans, the IdealPlan:

★ Gives you control over your hunger and cravings ★ Empowers you to reduce calories with delicious, filling meals and snacks every 3 hours ★ Makes it easy to eat healthy every day – it’s more affordable and convenient than fast food!

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