Carla Meine – CEO

Carla Meine is a true entrepreneur. Even while holding executive positions for Morris Airlines, Mrs. Fields Cookies and Godfathers Pizza she looked for ways to create new business and make the company’s more profitable.

In 2003 she was named Utah Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Consumer and Business Services category. She has been in the Utah Top 100 fastest growing company’s for 5 years and was named Best of State for customer service/call center in 2004. She made the Utah top 10 women owned businesses according to Utah Business Magazine for nine straight years. In 2009 she was named one of the “30 Women to Watch” by Utah Business magazine for her efforts with VAST.

She currently lives in Lindon. She and her husband David have 7 children and 9 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, playing tennis, cycling, reading and playing with her grandchildren. One of her goals is to help others find their passion and explore the idea of starting their own company.

Carla’s active lifestyle and impressive management background make her a great fit for the IdealShape brand. One of Carla’s contributions is developing meal plans and recipes for those wanting a healthy lifestyle. These can be found at

David Meine – VP of Product Development and Technology

David Meine, IdealShape’s other Managing Partner, worked alongside his son, Skyler, to create the IdealShape Fitness Program. Together they have poured into it all of the exercises, fitness tools and nutrition principles needed to achieve shaping success.

One day, while sitting on the porch at his best friend’s house, his friend’s wife told David that he was overweight. (To be precise, what she really said was: “You’re in your first trimester.”) That burning comment was all it took to motivate David to lose 25 pounds. He began competing in triathlons, ultimately running 40 races over a five-year period.

In 2003, David started IdealShape with his wife, Carla, and they gathered 15 participants to do a study for their program. The results were astounding and David knew they were onto something great. David completed foundations in Hypnotherapy with the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, and then went on and completed advanced degree in Hypnotherapy. He also completed his certfication as a Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist. David is a professional member of the American Hypnosis Association. David’s focus is using hypnotherapy to create the “Brain Food” CD series.

Skyler Meine – VP of Sales and Marketing

Skyler Meine is a professional personal trainer with a bachelors degree in exercise science. As an IdealShape Managing Partner, he brings an extensive fitness background to the table.

Skyler overcame weight challenges in his younger years, and has since become dedicated to learning as much as possible about nutrition and exercise. Each day, he studies the top nutrition and fitness resources and keeps in tune with industry leaders to merge their knowledge with his own.

Stemming from his own experience, Skyler’s greatest goal is to help others on their weight loss paths with the most effective and efficient fitness plan possible. This means not only taking the weight off, but also learning the health and fitness principles needed to achieve lifelong fitness. He believes that if you can master your health and keep energy levels up, you’ll feel happier and more self-confident. Skyler has seen firsthand that taking an interest in health and appearance will positively affect every aspect of our lives.

Skyler is one of the writers for which focuses on answering health and fitness questions asked by readers. They have recently been chosen to write for the U.S. News Fitness Section as well.