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Meet Your New Trainer!

Meet Your New Trainer!

I’m Trainer Kami Price, a NASM certified person a trainer, a certified nutritionist, and the head trainer here at IdealShape.

Being a part of the IdealShape family gives me the amazing opportunity to help so many people reach their weight loss goals and live life to the absolute fullest, and helping people do that has always been one of my most fulfilling passions in my life.

IdealShape’s mission statement is to transform and improve lives. This is exactly why I joined the IdealShape family, because I feel a strong connection to the underlying theme of supporting healthy weight loss and helping people live happier, healthier lives.

With delicious and convenient meal plans customized to fit your needs, products that are proven to work, and private, social community support you won’t find anywhere else, you will finally find the motivation and achieve your ideal shape.

Jenna's Story*

70 Pounds Down*
As a busy mom, Jenna got stuck in a cycle of unhealthy eating. She became depressed and felt miserable. She didn't want to live like that anymore. She wanted to be there for her family. When her husband was deployed for 10 months, she did some research and found IdealShape. She surprised him with a 70 pound transformation when he came home!

Susan's Story*

75Pounds Down*
After losing her dad, Susan found her life in shambles. She was the heaviest she had ever been, and unhappy. She wanted to start taking care of her body and stop the unhealthy cycle of losing weight and gaining it back. When she saw an ad for IdealShape on her Facebook feed, she felt inspired that she could one day be a weight loss success story, too.

Christina's Story*

50Pounds Down*
Christina feared she had the family ‘curse’ of gaining baby weight and never losing it. She decided something needed to change when she was still wearing maternity clothes months after her baby was born. She searched online for “the best tasting meal replacement shakes” and found IdealShape. With IdealShape she's lost the weight she never thought she could.

Leigh's Story*

75 Pounds Down*
After watching her husband compete in a triathlon, Leigh wanted to lose weight and get back in shape. At the time she weighed 211 pounds - the heaviest she’d ever been. When she started to use IdealShakes and IdealBars, she said it became easy to stay on track. In just 6 months she lost 75 pounds, and plans to continue on in her weight loss journey.

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