Lindsey has always loved fitness and with encouragement from friends, she decided to become a certified personal trainer, so that she could make money doing what she loved. Shortly after becoming certified, she started her very own fitness boot camp. Seeing her clients lose weight and reach their goals made everything worth it. Her business grew quickly and she even hired on other trainers.


As her business grew, so did her dreams of creating a complete fitness and nutrition program that anyone could do from the comfort of their own home. That’s when she teamed up with IdealShape to create the IdealShape Up Challenge. Since then thousands of people have completed her challenge!


Since teaming up with IdealShape, Lindsey has created multiple fitness and weight loss programs and has been able to shift from the weight loss based IdealShape brand to our women’s fitness brand, where she is currently the head ambassador.


Zac and Kami opened their own private training gym and began helping others lose weight and get in shape. Over 10 years they learned exactly how to help clients make their dreams reality. They love being able to help others lose weight and achieve happiness through healthy eating and exercise. 


Zac and Kami joined the IdealShape team as expert trainers with 10 years of experience training thousands of people. They have their very own weight loss challenge called the IdealShape for Life Challenge. It’s complete with meal plans, workouts, and online coaching and support. 


Since joining IdealShape Zac and Kami have significantly increased their following and reach. Tens of thousands of people have joined their challenges. By teaming up with IdealShape Zac and Kami now have the opportunity to touch people’s lives in ways they never thought possible.